Vampire Breast Lift®

The magic in the procedure is using a small amount of material in just the right place to achieve a dramatic affect.

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The Vampire Breast Lift®

You’ve may have seen the buzz about the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure so I thought (since we provide the procedure here at our office) that you may want to hear from me about what it is and who may benefit.

First, it is not for enlarging the breasts to a new cup size. And, if the breast has lost volume to the point of becoming pendulous, then this procedure offers little help.

But, if you have an irregularity left from a previous implant procedure, or if you have lost volume around an implant, or if you have natural breast and have lost some of the roundness of the cleavage, but the overall size is intact—then this is a very nice way to restore the breast to its younger shape and do essentially what a bra does–create roundness and lift in the cleavage area.

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Nipple Sensation

We can also help restore sensation of the nipple after the placement of breast implants.

You can have the procedure during your lunch hour and go to dinner that night with a low-cut evening gown.

What about safety?

For years, plastic surgeons have mixed PRP with fat for fat transfer to the breast. That procedure (fat + PRP) is so safe that it’s even being done to help restore the breasts in women who have had mastectomy for breast cancer. In this procedure, the Vampire Breast Lift®, we use the same PRP but we simply leave out the fat and rejuvenate the fat that’s already there. With scars, an HA filler is also used as a scaffolding, a technique long used successfully in wound healing. This could offer hope for defects secondary to breast biopsy procedures as well as defects that may occur following changes due to mammoplasty (breast augmentation).

The magic in the procedure is using a small amount of material in just the right place to achieve a dramatic affect.

Here’s a video that shows more about it.

Vampire Breast Lift® Explained by the Inventor

If it looks like something you or someone you know would love to have (who wouldn’t love to have their breasts look more as they do when wearing a bra), then call us for an appointment at 305-505-0455 or shoot us an email with your questions to

You can verify my certification to perform this procedure at the American Cosmetic Cellular Association.

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