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Platelet-Rich Plasma and Ozone Therapies and other KB Holistic Services/Treatments for Natural Healing and Wellness

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KB Holistic Services

Functional Medicine, Nutritional counseling, Detox Protocols, Hyperbaric IV Ozone therapy, Prolozone Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Acoustic Wave Therapy, Radiofrequency Therapy, Polychromatic UV light Therapy


  • Initial Consultation* / Assessment and Plan (Applied to Any PRP Procedures)
  • Functional Health Report (FHR) / Labs
  • Comprehensive Lab Panels/ Functional Health Assessment and Recommendations. Price Varies with Panel Chosen.
  • FHR of Outside Studies / Per Date Functional Health Assessment and Recommendations
  • Follow Up Consultation / Ongoing Functional Medicine Patients
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Understanding your cellular mineral constitution is pivotal to your digestion, nutrient uptake, hormone balance and more

​Radiofrequency (Heat Therapy) Therapy

ThermiVa (for Women)

Reclaim, Restore and Revive Sexual Well being and Urinary Control with 3 relaxing, 30 min sessions, 4 weeks apart. See the difference in one treatment! Wonderful when added to the O Shot. Ask for details.

Thermi Smooth

Smooth, tighten and firm under eyes and around lips. 3 treatments, 1 week apart

Thermi (for men and women)

Treatment for hemorrhoids. 3 treatments, 1 week apart.

PRP Procedures​​

Vampire Facelift®


O-Shot® ( For Women )

Vampire Breast Lift®

Priapus Shot® ( For Men )

PRP For Scar Therapy

Dermal Filler-Hyaluronic Acid

Trifecta (Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, O-Shot®)

PRP Hair Restoration
(Women-one treatment recommended. Men- two treatments recommended 8 weeks apart)




Peyronie’s Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ) Treatment

Female Incontinence Treatment

Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction

Musckuloskeletal PRP
Joints, spine, sports injuries

Ozone Therapy

Prolozone (Ozone) Injections

For joints, spine, sports injuries

Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)

High Dose Hyperbaric Intravenous Ozone Infusion


Vaginal, Rectal, Ear

Cupping / Limb Bagging

Skin lesion therapy

Ozone Scar Therapy

Peyronies’​ and other scar conditions

Cosmetic Ozone

Ozone Mesotherapy for Face, Neck, chest, Other

Other Services

IV Nutritional / Vitamin Therapy

LED Light Therapy (In Light Wellness® Systems)- A stand alone therapy and also as complement to PRP and prolozone therapies.

Sold in multi treatment packages or purchase device for home use


Choose​ from: Vitamin, mineral, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-scar

PEMF Therapy-Complement to PRP and Prolozone Therapies

The ability to achieve your optimal health and wellness potential is within your reach! Send us a note to learn more about our services or give us a quick call now.

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