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Ozone Therapy

“Ozone is a form of oxygen used by medical practitioners to promote a healing response in the body. When used by experienced practitioners, ozone therapy has wonderful potent healing properties!”

Dr. Karen Bravo has trained intensively with Dr. Robert Rowen, a pioneer and leading expert in Ozone therapy in the US.

Visit Dr. Robert Rowen’s YouTube Channel to see many amazing success stories we are also experiencing at KB Holistic.

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Ozone Therapy is used at KB Holistic in Miami for:

  • Musculoskeletal disease (Prolozone Therapy), including applications for joints and spine.
  • Pelvic inflammation (view the testimonial).
  • Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)– intravenous ozone (IV), including High Dose Hyperbaric Ozone therapy, many times more efficient and effective than more traditional methods.
  • Insufflation*, where ozone is passed through water and applied rectally, vaginally or through the ear canals (particularly for sinus conditions).  INFORMATION ON HOME OZONE UNIT DISCOUNT!
  • Limb Bagging, where moistened ozone is applied to the skin.
  • Drinking and gargling for sore throat and gum inflammation.
  • Ozone therapy helps patients with chronic back pain.

What is Ozone and How is it Used Medically?

Ozone therapy is a powerful treatment and healing protocol that anyone suffering from an acute or chronic health condition should strongly consider. Ozone therapy can rapidly effect many conditions by improving oxygen delivery, improving immune function, detoxifying and killing microscopic pathogens.

Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere when solar ultraviolet radiation combines Oxygen (O2) and an additional oxygen atom to form O3, a negatively charged molecule. It is blue in color and accounts for the appearance of the sky. This super-reactive molecule attracts positively charged pollutants and toxic agents and micro-organisms. In nature, ozone acts a natural detoxifier in the environment. You may recall the fresh smell after a thunder and lightning storm, that is ozone.

In the body, ozone directly and indirectly enhances the immune system. Ozone as an oxidizer has been used medically since at least the late 1800’s to treat a great number of health conditions in humans.

Ozone Therapy Has the Following Effects Medically:

  • Ozone has potent modulating effects on the immune system so that it stimulates if under-performing as with cancer, chronic infections, particularly those that are intracellular and may escape detection. If the immune system is overactive as with auto-immune disease, ozone will have a calming effect.
  • Ozone causes an increase in an enzyme critical for the release of oxygen by red blood cells to the body’s tissues. This enzyme is called diphosphoglycerate (DPG). Without optimal functioning of DPG, cells are starved for oxygen and the energy generation necessary to fund the cellular economy (i.e. all the chemical processes to be a healthy cell). Without enough oxygen to make lots of ATP, the energy currency of the cell, cells must then shift into a lower and slower energy production gear in order to survive. Unfortunately this is at the price of the buildup of acidic and free radical by-products, which slowly poison the cell, resulting in a vicious cycle downward leading to degenerative disease, chronic infections and cancer (these are manifestations of a cells without enough oxygen to make ATP).
  • Ozone has a positive effect on the circulation by improving the fluidity of the blood. In this way the tiniest vessels, known as capillaries receive more red blood cells carrying oxygen for the tissues.
  • Ozone with its oxidizing effect stimulates antioxidant systems better than other therapies, including vitamin C. Deficiency of antioxidant capacity is commonly found in anyone with chronic disease.

  • Ozone has a potent stimulatory effect upon the very sub-cellular organelle that uses oxygen to generate energy, the mitochondria. In this way it improves and optimizes cellular metabolism. Mitochondrial dysfunction with the decrease/loss of oxygen utilization and high
  • Ozone directly destroys and neutralizes chemical toxins, including xenoestrogens and carcinogens. This includes detoxification of the liver, the organ in charge of detoxification for the body, processing of all materials absorbed from the gut, storage of glucose, production of blood protein molecules and production of bile salts for the absorption of dietary fats, to name a few.

A Few More Comments on Ozone and Ozone Therapy

With all of the above effects of ozone and when used correctly it has been a successful part of the treatment of various medical conditions.

  • It has an astounding record of safety
  • It is tolerated well by patients
  • Often costs less than other conventional therapies
  • In addition, it is able to pass into the tiniest compartments of the body to reach microorganisms that are unable to develop resistance to it!

Many countries around the world rely upon ozone therapy for medicinal purposes. We are quickly catching up in the US as more and more practitioners flock to conferences and workshops here and abroad to embrace this wonderful and natural treatment.

In addition to all of the exciting medical applications, ozone is used for disinfecting purposes, far more effective than chlorine for purifying water and without damage to the environment!

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