Holistic, Alternative, and Natural Medicine

Did you know that 40% of adults in U.S says that they use some form of alternative medicine rather then functional medicine

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Holistic, Alternative, and Natural Medicine

Did you know that 40% of adults in U.S says that they use some form of alternative medicine rather then functional medicine. The body has the incredible built-in ability to heal itself. If all interference and toxins are removed and provided with the optimal nutrition, our bodies will endeavor to repair, regenerate and come into balance!

At KB Holistic , a Holistic, Alternative, and Natural Medicine clinic in Miami, Fl., we dedicate our practice to this paradigm to guide and assist our patients to attain their desired health and vitality. We provide a relaxing office setting where each and every one of our patients receives individual attention from Dr.Bravo, who will listen and partner with each to design a path to reach their goals. Her approach is to look beyond mere signs and symptoms to get to root causes. She believes everyone is unique and requires an individual plan based upon their special needs and goals

Dr. Bravo is experienced in providing cutting edge IV High Dose Hyperbaric Ozone (AKA 10 PASS), many times more effective than traditional Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH),ozone gravity drip method. Dr.Bravo uses the same techniques and German equipment used by Dr. Lahodny from Austria and Dr.Robert Rowen from California, following extensive training.

Ozone therapy improves energy production, oxygen delivery and utilization, mitochondrial function, blood flow, the immune system, antioxidant systems and kills viruses, bacteria, intra cellular parasites, yeast, fungi and single celled organisms.

Dr Bravo uses prolozone injection therapy for joints and spine for arthritic, inflammatory, and degenerative conditions. We also now have bio-oxidative IV therapy, which involves poly-chromatic ultraviolet light, used as a stand-alone therapy, or as a synergistic therapy with our High Dose Hyperbaric IV Ozone, which promises to improve the efficiency of treatment.

The intimate health and well-being of women of all ages is a specialty at KB Holistic. We provide the O-Shot®(Platelet Rich Plasma, with healing factors from your very own blood) and ThermiVa® (gentle warming, no burning, radio frequency). These are short, safe, effective non-drug, non-surgical, in-office treatments with no downtime for urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, laxity and stretching from child birth and aging and loss of sensation without hormones. Dr. Bravo also performs the revolutionary Priapus Shot® for men, a platelet plasma treatment for ED without drugs, surgery or downtime. We believe healthy is beautiful and begins with optimal nutrition, healing and regeneration.

Dr. Bravo provides her patients effective nonsurgical, no downtime and long lasting, in-office cosmetic treatments with ozone therapy and platelet rich plasma (Vampire Face Lift® and Vampire Facial®) to improve circulation/moisture/color and stimulating tissue cellular growth of the face, neck, and chest. She also uses collagen stimulating absorbable PDO threads for sagging skin and Mesotherapy/Micro-needling for skin surface rejuvenation with an array of serums including vitamins, minerals, anti-acne, anti-cellulite and antioxidants). Our latest facial therapy is Thermi Smooth®, a gentle radio frequency therapy to firm and tighten tissue to smooth/heal fine lines around the eyes, lips and more without needles, so it is safe for those with Keloid tendency.

The ability to achieve your optimal health and wellness potential is within your reach! Send us a note to learn more about our services or give us a quick call now.

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