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Platelet Rich Plasma, Ozone Therapy, LED Light Therapy, Radio-frequency Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy for Natural Healing and Vitality

We believe the ability to achieve your optimal health and wellness potential is within your reach! We want to inspire and guide you! By using multiple assessment techniques and testing, we provide you a detailed assessment of your concerns to design a “protocol” to set you on your journey. Everyone is unique and requires an individual plan based upon their special needs and goals. We provide our services and treatments with a relaxed atmosphere in a country setting.

We are excited to bring you the latest, revolutionary, non-surgical facial aesthetic techniques with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), known as the Vampire Face Lift and Vampire Facial, invented by Dr. Charles Runels. Dr. Karen Bravo is Certified by the American Cosmetic Cellular Association to perform all of the Vampire PRP procedures. We are also passionate about PRP for scar therapy, particularly for Peyronie’s Disease in men, but also scar therapy in general, including those associated with breast implants and breast biopsies. We offer both the Oshot and Thermiva for female intimate rejuvantation, each powerful alone, but far better in combination.

KB Holistic is affiliated with like-minded, cutting-edge clinicians and supports ongoing research into the true healing power of PRP that relies on harnessing the rejuvenation potential within your own blood! What could be more natural?

We offer ThermiVa®, a gentle, nonsurgical heating therapy to stimulate circulation and collagen production leading to rejuvenation and strengthening to female intimate tissues inside and out, improving incontinence, improving sensation and vaginal laxity and strength, without hormones!

We are also proud to provide cutting edge IV Ozone therapy with High Dose Hyperbaric Ozone, many times more effective and faster than traditional Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH). Prolozone therapy for joints/spine is available as well. We have had great success treating scars with ozone, particularly that associated with Peyronie’s disease in men, especially in conjunction with PRP. We have expanded our ozone treatments to include cosmetic uses for improved circulation and rejuvenation of the face, neck, chest and more

We now offer nonsurgical cosmetic mesotherapy with an array of vitamin, mineral, anti-wrinkle antioxidant serums. Additionally, we offer mesotherapy for non-surgical cellulite/ focal fat reduction.

We now have LED Light therapy, FDA approved for decreasing pain and improving circulation. Studies have shown LED Light therapy increases energy production in the tissues, vital for healing, and it is a wonderful complement to our PRP and prolozone treatments.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is showing much promise in the areas of pain therapy, improving circulation, increasing cellular trans membrane potential and increasing energy production. While this therapy may be used by itself, it also enhances the effects of other treatments, especially prolozone therapy.

Dr. Bravo has spent many years pursuing knowledge and training in the areas nutrition, functional medicine and natural healing, particularly for pre- and post-menopausal women. She is a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist with fellowship training and expertise in breast imaging and disease. She has spent decades diagnosing breast disease with various techniques including digital tomosynthesis mammography, advanced (MRI) and molecular imaging to specialized, interventional biopsy techniques. Although always embracing the ever changing technology, particularly in interventional procedures, she believes a gentle, caring manner combined with a skilled and artful hand is paramount to delivering best care to her patients.

The ability to achieve your optimal health and wellness potential is within your reach! Send us a note to learn more about our services or give us a quick call now.

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